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Monday,Jun 25, 2018
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Electronic cigarette

Aug 15, 2013

About Us
There is one reason I started this web site, it is because of my brother. I lost my brother on December 16, 2012 to cancer. At that time I wanted to find something to replace the dreaded cigarette. I searched and searched and searched, I read anything I could get my hands on about the electronic cigarette. I ordered so many different styles it would make your head spin. I was a newbie on a mission, to find the best kind of electronic cigarette and the delivery system. The more I searched; I found out that Canadians did not have that many options. I wanted to find the best e-cig for a price that did not break your wallet. So by February of 2013, I was talking to suppliers, and the ones I chose can attest to the almost vicious tenacity that I grilled them about their products. I am really leery of the knock off versions, I have posted a few on the site, but with many trepidations. So after saying that, if at any time you get a product from us, that does not perform as it is ... [More Information]
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Electronic cigarette

Aug 15, 2013